In twig we can use {{ 'Hello Earth.'|t }} to mark this text as translatable (so i added several of these to my custom twig template). But if i have multiple languages, where can i actually add translation to 'Hello Earth' for other languages? I cannot find it in admin. For example i tried to enable 'Interface Translation' module in MULTILINGUAL section, then i cleared all cache, then i go to Configuration -> User interface translation but i don't see my strings in the list! Please help!


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Version: 8.0.0-beta10 » 8.0.0
Component: user interface text » language system
Issue tags: +i18n, +translation

Not sure off-hand but moving to hopefully a better component for the maintainer of this subsystem to help with.

The only thing I do know is that twig translation is no different than t() calls, so if you know where to fix one you know the other.

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Component: language system » locale.module
Issue tags: -twig string translation +D8MI, +language-interface, +Twig

Did you install additional languages? If so, you should access the page where the string to be translated is displayed, and switch to a page language different from English. Once you have done that it should be available at:

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Closing this, no response in a very long time and was answered.

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