Page node/%/devel/token tries to print all available tokens what could be really much resource-intensive on some configurations. It usually ends on hitting memory_limit, max_execution_time or other similar states.

However utility of this page increases with complexity of entities what increases probability of runoff resources.

Proposed resolution

In most cases it helps to increase memory_limit and max_execution_time, but it is not possible to use in all cases.

Good solution will be to implement lazy loading. Options:

  • Automatic - load all tokens automatically one by one, or by small groups (like Features status on it's list page),
  • Optional - add buttons to table to load token optionally,
  • Combination - try to load all tokens, stop if it takes a long time and let user to load other if he needs it.

Remaining tasks

Decide best solution, implement it.

User interface changes

Depends if lazy loading will be automatic or optional.

API changes



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