It comes up from time to time that you want to credit others who have not commented in an actual issue, because they did a bunch of work that's not reflected in the patch discussion. For example, they worked on a design that is being implemented in the issue, or they worked on a separate issue that was since rolled into a larger one, or they paired up with someone at a sprint, or whatever.

Not quite sure how to handle this. One way is to complete the issue I can't find atm that puts the individual/org credit in the commit message and "back-fill" it into the database. Another would be to add like an "Other users" autocomplete field at the bottom or something. Wouldn't get org credit though, unless we allow users to add a default to their profile (an issue exists for that somewhere too iirc).

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I had a thought about how this could work that I want to write down.

If we add people to the comment thread and credit UI that are @mentioned, then we can notify them of someone's intent to include them in the comment thread. That would give that user an opportunity to update their participation in that issue with an organization credit. @mentions are brought up in #448074: @ style mentions for usernames which send notifications for D.o.

This would be in addition to adding a default org credit to a user's profile. I definitely see the value in that as well.

#2042697: Add historical issue credits to user profile is the issue I think you were mentioning about back-filling the database of issue credits. I'm not sure how we could guarantee back credits for orgs that would take a lot of logic. I'm open to ideas.

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Well IMO that would be a cool feature to do regardless. :) And it could help in some cases, like where the individual is still around, and knows that if they don't comment they won't get credit.

An autocomplete field (or whatever) would be a bit better for this use case, however, in that it lets the committer just enter names that were mentioned in the proposed commit message without needing to track anyone down and ask them to comment. Could possibly even work like the proposed resolution at #2491115-6: As a project maintainer, I cannot save credit for the original poster in an issue, where we auto-generate comments for those folks that just say "Automatically generated for credit purposes" or something.

The issue I was talking about as far as back-filling is actually #2323715: [policy, no patch] Determine format for commit credit for individuals/organizations/customers... in other words, not making D.o issue comments the sole source for commit credit, but rather being able to parse this back out of a commit message from e.g. GitHub or some other external repo. But that's quite a bit more work.

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Here's a shining example of this use case btw: #2457875: [policy] Evolving and documenting Drupal core's structure, responsibilities, and decision-making.

Compare the list of names in the table vs. the names in the commit message:

This situation doesn't come up often (so "normal" is appropriate), but when it does it's often due to a huge, hairy issue that involved months and months of work (like that one).

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any progress on this?

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Priority: Normal » Major

Going to bump the priority of this. While originally this was mostly an edge case isolated to "policy, no patch" issues and the like, it's actually starting to come up more frequently now, and for increasingly important stuff:

1) All of the bugs reported by people in the Drupal 8 Security bug bounty program go through an initial screening by a security team member, and they are the one who actually creates the issue, which is then generally worked on by other D8 developers. This means that the original reporter is often not in the list of people to credit, which is a real shame, since without them we wouldn't know the bug exists in the first place!

2) Also for longer-reaching efforts, such as #2497361: [meta] Fix issues found during UMN Usability Testing 2015 and earlier with Seven style guide, Bartik, etc. it's customary to credit the original "architects/designers" of the thing that takes 100+ issues to resolve, even if those people haven't commented in any given sub-issue. We are recommending a commit message format at the top of the UMN 2015 issue which will include everyone who contributed substantially to the UX testing, but commit messages and issue comments are tracked separately and do not allow for crediting organizations.

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Priority: Major » Critical

Given that we're now exposing this data on user profiles, the fact that we can not credit everyone who has worked on an issue is critical. People are missing credit that others are getting. There is nothing more divisive they crediting some people and not others.

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This remains problematic. I'd strongly encourage us to implement the minimum fix possible: add a user autocomplete field that is available only to maintainers who are already the only ones who can update the issue credit fields. That would fix a bug with the current functionality. We can discuss how to expand the functionality later.

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Assigned: Unassigned » drumm
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Here is the new field I've drafted:


It could use some copyediting. I haven’t positioned it within the “Credit & committing” fieldset yet, which is why I didn’t include any context. If it isn't too hard, I’d like to try out a new row above “Omit author.”

And these are the resulting comments:


This could also use copyediting. Those comments are actually authored by the credited user, so they can edit the attribution. The default attribution is what they used on their most recent issue comment.

To do:

  • Position the field.
  • Add email notification to creditees. Also needs copyediting.
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And this field is only add for maintainers. If you see “As a project maintainer” at the bottom of the fieldset, you are a maintainer.

  • drumm committed 4ebd415 on 2474609-add-credit
    Issue #2474609: Not possible to credit people who didn't comment in an...
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Current text:

^^ The text above is pretty succinct actually.

Some possible alternatives:

Title: Credit user(s) not on this issue (too long)
Description: A comment for the credit will be added, and the user will be notified so they can edit their attribution. (too long)


Title: Credit other user(s)
Description: The user will be notified so they can edit their attribution. (leave out the bit about the comment?)

... honestly I think the current text in the screenshot is better than both of the above.

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Status: Active » Needs review

I’ll stick with the current wording. (I avoided “user” since it is an iffy word in UI text.)

I’ve settled on positioning it between the commenter table and commit command. I think the help text is important; cramming that and the field title into a table cell would probably be too cramped.

Here’s the email I’ve drafted:

From: "drumm (drumm drupal dev)"
To: a0c647d85ec90ca1b36fa91ff125b5cc@sanitized.invalid
Subject: [drupal] You’ve been credited in module uninstall issue!

Congratulations, drumm credited you in a issue.

View the issue at

Update attribution as a volunteer or for an organization/customer at

“drupal” is the project name, matching the prefix on other issue notifications. My current testing issue is named “module uninstall issue”.

  • drumm committed 01ac99e on 2474609-add-credit
    Issue #2474609: Position the “Credit others” field
  • drumm committed 5815cd3 on 2474609-add-credit
    Issue #2474609: Notify others credited
  • drumm committed a45b61e on 2474609-add-credit
    Issue #2474609: Add others credited to the commit message

  • drumm committed 01ac99e on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #2474609: Position the “Credit others” field
  • drumm committed 4ebd415 on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #2474609: Not possible to credit people who didn't comment in an...
  • drumm committed 5815cd3 on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #2474609: Notify others credited
  • drumm committed a45b61e on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #2474609: Add others credited to the commit message
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Status: Needs review » Fixed
Issue tags: +needs deployment

Let’s go ahead and deploy this.

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This has been deployed.

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Very cool! It is good to see this.

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Glad to see this live! Thanks, @drumm! :)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.