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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:59

Release notes

This release of Fivestar adds several new features and fixes a few outstanding issues. Note that this release of Fivestar has significantly changed the theme_fivestar_summary() function. Any sites that have over-ridden this theme function should take care when upgrading.

The Drupal 6 1.12 beta version is feature equivalent to the Drupal 5 1.12 version except CCK implementation has not yet been completed. A patch has been started but not yet functioning for this feature:

New Features:
- Color picker! Now you can customize the colors of color-enabled sets of stars. -
- Three new star sets: Basic, Outline, and Oxygen
- Better display of "dual display" widgets -
- Feedback is displayed to the user while a vote is being saved -
- Teaser display style can be set to "link" -
- Support for RTL languages -

Bug Fixes:
- Much faster admin/settings/fivestar page. All widgets are now displayed without iFrames -
- Fivestar widget is hidden on the modr8 form, allowing IE7 to submit the form -
- Call-time pass-by-reference has been depreciated error -
- Duplicate menu item removed (Drupal 6 only) -

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