Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We are in Toronto. We help build your business on the Drupal platform. We do site development, site tune, upgrades, mentoring and training.

We help customers design and implement Web Content Management Systems and customer relationship management system. We deliver integrated content management solutions for organizations that need to publish content to the Web, mobile. Not only we create enterprise level Drupal sites for big companies, but also we build websites for non-profit organizations.

Drupal contributions

We contributed custom modules to the community.
Pretty Pagination
Commerce Elavon
Comment Verification
Phone Captcha
Field SQL Lean
Drush Queue Handling

We managed following module:

We contribute blog articles to planet:

Projects supported

Human Behavior, Impression, Youtube Channel Videos Sync V3, Media: thePlatform mpx entity fields sync, Clinic Appointment Management System, Drush Queue Handling, Comment Verification, Commerce Elavon

Case studies