Hi everyone,

I wrote a module with some new functionality for our website and now I'm doing a review, before sharing it - I hope it will be accepted by the community. While writing the code, I had a problem with the SQL queries and NULL values - so now I want to ask for help and feedback, before contacting the maintainers and add some inutil work on their schedule.

I found, that drupal function db_query has problems with NULL values in the queries. Perhaps I chose the wrong keywords for searching - but I couldn't find hints on how to solve this problems.

An example:
With the following code, in the database it inserted 0 instead of NULL - and broke the whole database insert, because the $status got 0 as well (It should be 'premium') ...:

      if (empty($ts)) $ts = "NULL";
      $query = "INSERT INTO {db_table} (nid, status ,ts ) VALUES ( %d, %d, %d)";      
      db_query($query, $node->nid, $status, $ts);

My solution was:

      $query = "INSERT INTO {db_table} (nid, status ,ts ) VALUES ( %d, '$status', ";
      $query .= empty($ts) ? "NULL" : $ts;
      $query .= ")";
      db_query($query, $node->nid);

Now, the coding standards tell me: Use placeholders because SQL-Injections will be filtered with them. But it seems to me, I can't use placeholders, if I want to enter NULL values in the database.

Did I do something wrong? Do I have to add some attribute, to make NULL possible with the db_query function? Is there another function for inserting NULL values? Or - is my code OK and this is the right way to do it?

I'd really appreciate your feedback


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Just scanning the forums for a reason why all %d numbers are case to integers myself. Looking at the _db_query_callback you will see that it is simply not possible with db_query.

    case '%d': // We must use type casting to int to convert FALSE/NULL/(TRUE?)
      return (int) array_shift($args); // We don't need db_escape_string as numbers are db-safe

Why on earth is NULL cast to an integer! This has been done since at least a version 4.7, so simply changing this now would possibly cause a cascading effect of bugs in other areas of the system.

Alan Davison
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You need to escape the integer value to avoid any sort of SQL injection attack. Use db_escape_string or cast $ts to an int (best).

For example;

  $ts = ($ts === NULL) ? 'NULL' : (int) $ts;
  $query = "INSERT INTO {db_table} (nid, status ,ts ) VALUES ( %d, '%s', %s)";
  db_query($query, $node->nid, $status, $ts);     

Also just noticed that in your code you are using empty($x). If you have done this through out your module, just use 0 for NULL. Both return a TRUE result via the empty function. See http://www.php.net/manual/en/types.comparisons.php for a comparison of the different types of php type functions.

As per my own problem, I've defined up a flag that means NULL. So when I get 0 from the db, I know that it means NULL. If my db table field wasn't unsigned, I'd probably would have used -1 for the flag.

Alan Davison
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I have changed db_query adding some new placeholders.

I rename it, in order to avoid any conflict.

when you need to insert NULL values, call my function instead of db_query(....)

the new placeholders for fields that could be NULL, are the upper case of actual ones.
Do not put quotation marks around %S.

  • %d==>%D
  • '%s'==>%S
  • %f==>%F
  • %n==>%N


I've done it today, and It's NOT TESTED ENOUGH.

I'll thank any bug reported.


define('NULL_QUERY_REGEXP', '/(%D|%S|%F|%N|%d|%s|%%|%f|%b|%n)/');
function null_query($query) {
  $args = func_get_args();
  $query = db_prefix_tables($query);
  if (isset($args[0]) and is_array($args[0])) { // 'All arguments in one array' syntax
    $args = $args[0];
  _null_query_callback($args, TRUE);
  $query = preg_replace_callback(NULL_QUERY_REGEXP, '_null_query_callback', $query);
  return _db_query($query);
function _null_query_callback($match, $init = FALSE) {
  static $args = NULL;
  if ($init) {
    $args = $match;
  switch ($match[1]) {
    case '%d': // We must use type casting to int to convert FALSE/NULL/(TRUE?)
      return (int) array_shift($args); // We don't need db_escape_string as numbers are db-safe
    case '%s':
      return db_escape_string(array_shift($args));
    case '%n':
      // Numeric values have arbitrary precision, so can't be treated as float.
      // is_numeric() allows hex values (0xFF), but they are not valid.
      $value = trim(array_shift($args));
      return is_numeric($value) && !preg_match('/x/i', $value) ? $value : '0';
    case '%%':
      return '%';
    case '%f':
      return (float) array_shift($args);
    case '%b': // binary data
      return db_encode_blob(array_shift($args));

  if($d==='' || $d==='null' || $d==='NULL' || is_null($d)){
	return 'NULL';
  switch ($match[1]) {
    case '%D':
      return (int)$d;
    case '%S':
      return "'".db_escape_string($d)."'";
    case '%N':
      $value = trim(array_shift($d));
      return is_numeric($value) && !preg_match('/x/i', $value) ? $value : '0';
    case '%F':

PD: I know my english sucks, but I've tried to do my best.

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Here is another, simpler solution:

1) Set the database field to be NULL per default
2) Don't add the field to the query, when NULL

ad 1:
When you define your schema in hook_schema, define the field with something like this:
'ts' => array(
'type' => 'int',
'not null' => TRUE,
'default' => NULL,

ad 2:
like this:

if (empty($ts)) {
db_query("INSERT INTO {db_table} (nid, status) VALUES ( %d, %d)", $node->nid, $status);
else {
db_query("INSERT INTO {db_table} (nid, status, ts) VALUES ( %d, %d, %d)", $node->nid, $status, $ts);

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As far as I'm aware this does not work when updating the database with a NULL value, only the first time.