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This module requires optional core module: "Locale".
The module will populate a new block named "Language switcher dropdown" under "{host}/admin/structure/block".

Please see the below instructions to configure the block.


  1. Configure the "Language negotiation" at
  2. Enable the "Language switcher dropdown" block at "{host}/admin/structure/block".
  3. Configure the "Language switcher dropdown" block settings as follows:
    • "Output as HTML and JavaScript widget instead of HTML select element"
    • The option will allow you to display the widget using themable HTML and JavaScript widget instead of the default select element.

To add the language switcher by code:

  $lang_dropdown = lang_dropdown_block_view();
  print render($lang_dropdown['content']);

To add language icons inside the menu

To show the icon inside using the languageicons module, you have to use one of the javascript outputs: Marhoob Suleman dropdown library, chosen library or ddslick library.

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