Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Mirum is a new company created with a pioneering spirit, built by bringing together successful regional companies that have a deep understanding of local market needs. Mirum’s principles are rooted in innovation, design, data, marketing and technology to drive business transformation in a world of constantly evolving behaviors and expectations.

Mirum’s capabilities are organized around Strategy & Consulting services, Creative & Content, User Experience & Platforms, Analytics & Insight and Product Development & Mobile. Additionally, Mirum has deep vertical service offerings in Digital Retail, Behavioral Media and Financial Services.

Drupal contributions

Our Drupal teams have contributed to the Drupal 8 core, to various modules and helped in Drupal localization. Our offices have hosted Drupal core sprints and we are a active players in the Drupal scene. We also have a representative in the local Drupal Association in Finland and we have sponsored local Drupal events, such as Drupal Camp Finland. We have held sessions in Drupal Camp (, in local Drupal Café and in local Drupal meetups.

Projects supported

Panels curator, lingotek_pods, Webform Gated File, Entity Disclaimer, Node Disclaimer

Credited on 12 issues fixed in the past 3 months