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Drupal 8

The Drupal 8 version of the 'Paragraphs' module (project page with downloads) ⎘  is a complete rewrite of the D7 module. Although it is based on the 'Entity Reference' module that is now in core, 'Paragraphs' also requires the addon contrib module 'Entity Reference Revisions' (project page with downloads) ⎘ .

Paragraphs defines:

  • A selection method for the Entity Reference field
  • A widget for the Entity Reference Revisions field
  • Paragraph types

Paragraphs now has a stable release available for Drupal 8 at the 'Paragraphs' project page ⎘ .

For a list of all of the changes and fixes that went into the '8.x-1.0' release, see #2694979: [META] Make a stable release.

The D7 and D8 versions of Paragraphs should retain the same features as each other in parity for the foreseeable future.


Current and future development is being tracked at #2765453: Roadmap. Feel free to contribute your feature requests there.


Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.