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Simple FAQ Setup

If you're not using categorized FAQs, then it's fairly simple to get a working FAQ page.

  1. Create some FAQ nodes at "Create content >> FAQ" and ensure they are published.
  2. Ensure users have the correct permissions to see FAQ nodes at "Administration >> Users >> Permissions"
  3. The FAQs should appear on the FAQ page "/faq" (D6) or "/faq-page" (D7)
  4. You can change the layout of the FAQ page at admin/settings/faq/questions

Categorized FAQs

If you're using categorized faq nodes, then it's slightly more complicated. In addition to the steps above you must also:

  1. Create a new taxonomy vocabulary at "Administration >> Content Management >> Taxonomy" and ensure it is enabled for FAQ node types (D6) or that you have a term reference field on the FAQ content type referencing this vocab (D7).
  2. For each FAQ node, you must associate it with at least one term from your new vocabulary. You can do this on each edit node page.
  3. Enable categorization of the FAQ nodes and choose a layout at admin/structure/views/view/faq

More details on the individual FAQ settings can be found here.

If you're using additional access control modules, such as Taxonomy Access Control or Node Access, then there may be additional permissions you need to assign to the various nodes.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


wcDogg’s picture

D6 > /faq
D7 > /faq-page, but may change with final release

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fixed the documentation, but still need to fix some other D6 specific stuff. Anyone can edit the docs though, so feel free to edit if you think they need updating!

ellishettinga’s picture

Categorized FAQs step 3 mentions this:
'Enable categorization of the FAQ nodes and choose a layout at admin/settings/faq/categories'

In D7 this page (admin/settings/faq/categories) does not exist nor could I find an alternative for it...

I later have installed the 7.x-1.x-dev version and found the form here: admin/config/content/faq/categories

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admin/settings/faq/questions should be admin/structure/views/view/faq

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i added few question and answer and i can't see any thin in the page faq-page

it's empty , also as administrator and there are permitions to display , i don't understand what's wrong.