This happens everytime I download, enable, install, disable any d.o. module using drush.

Error while trying to find the common path for enabled extensions of project radix. Extensions are: default, flatly, radix.
(Flatly is a subtheme created using bootswatch)

I am running drush commands with SSH on a instance.
The themes/modules get installed in sites/all/
Radix is the only theme/module that produces this error. If I remove it the error goes away.

PS: what is the "default extension"?


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Can you try the latest dev version and see if you still get this error? We pushed some fixes for this in the latest dev.

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Any chance you (@arshadcn) could be more specific about your suggested dev version please?

I'm seeing these options to choose from: radix 7.x-3.0-rc2

I downloaded radix just a few days ago and I too am getting this error.

Are these the same? on d.o. it use to be more straight forward to find the dev version but radix doesn't actually have a dev version on d.o. At least not on the project page under releases -- like it should.

I'm also not seeing a version number in the file or a CHANGE log file that tells me what version I'm running. Although I found in the .info file that I'm running 3.0-rc2.


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Looks like commenting out the project line in the info file is the "accepted" resolution for this.

This worked for me:
also referenced here:

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Thanks for the solution @dshumaker. We're working on a fix.

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I am also getting this error.

I have removed the dependency of Radix in my Subtheme's .info file but I am still getting the error.

The only way to completely remove the error is to delete the radix theme.

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Status: Active » Needs work

Is this Drush specific? I can't reproduce this with the latest Drush.

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I'm also getting this using Drush Version : 7.0-dev
Commenting out the line:
;project = "radix"
from my subtheme's .info file worked for me.

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Bohemier's solution worked for me as well.

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make sure you clear the cache once commenting out the project line.

This worked for me as well, but i would like to know why it is happening, because everytime I create a subtheme via drush, I shouldn't have to then comment it out everytime...

it says ; Information added by packaging script on 2014-12-09

I will be looking into this a little more, as we create about 1-2 websites per week and it is REALLY annoying to have to go through this process every time.

Steps to reproduce.

1. Download radix and set it up
2. Create a new sub theme
3. Clear the cache and see the message "Error while trying to find the common path for enabled extensions of project radix. Extensions are: default, MYSUBTHEME, radix.

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Another quick fix for this is to set radix as the default theme, create a subtheme and then switch back.

From the quickstart guide:

  1. Download and enable radix: drush en radix -y; drush vset theme_default radix
  2. Create a subtheme: drush cc all; drush radix "Subtheme"
  3. Set default theme: drush en subtheme -y; drush vset theme_default subtheme
  4. Install required modules: cd /path/to/subtheme; npm run setup
  5. Update browserSyncProxy in /path/to/subtheme/config.json
  6. Watch: gulp
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Priority: Normal » Major

I confirm this bug. It appears every time when I'm installing any modules with drush. Due to this error enabling and disabling of modules takes more time than usual. By the way, there are nothing about this error in apache and drupal logs

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Title: Drush common path error » Drush common path error [way to fix it]

Finally, I figured out what is reason of this error. You guys should rename info file in default kit, eg from to Because default kit is not extension that could be enabled. Also you should remove last five lines from this file:

; Information added by packaging script on 2016-08-03
version = "7.x-3.5"
core = "7.x"
project = "radix"
datestamp = "1470238162"

So this lines will not appear in new created theme and drush will not think that your theme must be placed in radix folder.

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The solution in #12 works for me.

I removed the last 5 lines from radix/kits/default/
I created a couple of subthemes using drush radix.
I then renamed radix/kits/default/ to radix/kits/default/

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The solution in #12 works for D7 but not for D8...

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Confirming that Astringer solution from line #12 worked for me. Thanks