Hi everyone,

In addition to the Gregorian calender, there are other calenders such as Hijri calenders (islamic calendar) and Chinese calendar (lunisolar calendar) and may more calenders existed.

I am interested to include the Hijri calender with this module if it is possible.

To convert Gregorian to Hijri, I may use this code:

// convert christian date to Istamic date
function chrToIsl($cday,$cmonth,$cyear) {
					if (($y>1582)||(($y==1582)&&($m>10))||(($y==1582)&&($m==10)&&($d>14)))
	(int)( (3* ((int)(  ($y+4900+    (int)( ($m-14)/12)     )/100)    )   ) /4)+$d-32074;
						$jd = 367*$y-(int)((7*($y+5001+(int)(($m-9)/7)))/4)+(int)((275*$m)/9)+$d+1729777;
					$l=$l-((int)((30-$j)/15))*((int)((17719*$j)/50))-((int)($j/16))*((int)((15238*$j)/43))+29 ;

return array($m,$d,$y);

//convert islamic to christian
function islToChr($hday,$hmonth,$hyear) {

					if ($jd> 2299160 )
return array($d,$m,$y);

Or I may use this code to use Arabic words for days and months:

  function arabicDate($format, $timestamp) { 
  written by Salah Faya (visualmind@php.net) [url]http://www.php4arab.info/scripts/arabicDate[/url] 
$format: [*]hj|ar|en:[jdl][Fmn][Yy][Aa]  (php.date function handles the rest chars) 
  * will add <span dir=rtl lang=ar-sa>..</span> 
  echo arabicDate('hj:l d-F-Y هـ', time());   
  echo arabicDate('ar:l d/F - h:iA', time()); 
if (substr($format,0,1)=='*') { 
       } else $use_span=false; 

$arDay = array("Sat"=>"السبت", "Sun"=>"الأحد", "Mon"=>"الإثنين", "Tue"=>"الثلاثاء", 
"Wed"=>"الأربعاء", "Thu"=>"الخميس", "Fri"=>"الجمعة"); 
list($d,$m,$y,$dayname,$monthname,$am)=explode(' ',date('d m Y D M a', $timestamp)); 
if ($type=='hj:') { 
if (($y>1582)||(($y==1582)&&($m>10))||(($y==1582)&&($m==10)&&($d>14))) { 
} else { 
$jd = 367*$y-ard_int((7*($y+5001 + ard_int(($m-9)/7)))/4) + ard_int((275*$m)/9)+$d+1729777; 
$l=$l-10631*$n+355; // Correction: 355 instead of 354 
$j=(ard_int((10985-$l)/5316)) * (ard_int((50*$l)/17719)) + (ard_int($l/5670)) * (ard_int((43*$l)/15238)); 
$l=$l-(ard_int((30-$j)/15)) * (ard_int((17719*$j)/50)) - (ard_int($j/16)) * (ard_int((15238*$j)/43))+29; 
$hjMonth = array("محرم", "صفر", "ربيع أول", "ربيع ثاني", 
"جماد أول", "جماد ثاني", "رجب", "شعبان", "رمضان", "شوال", "ذو القعدة", "ذو الحجة"); 
$format=str_replace('j', $d, $format); 
$format=str_replace('d', str_pad($d,2,0,STR_PAD_LEFT), $format); 
$format=str_replace('l', $arDay[$dayname], $format); 
$format=str_replace('F', $hjMonth[$m-1], $format); 
$format=str_replace('m', str_pad($m,2,0,STR_PAD_LEFT), $format); 
$format=str_replace('n', $m, $format); 
$format=str_replace('Y', $y, $format); 
$format=str_replace('y', substr($y,2), $format); 
$format=str_replace('a', substr($ampm[$am],0,1), $format); 
$format=str_replace('A', $ampm[$am], $format); 
} elseif ($type=='ar:') { 
$arMonth=array("Jan"=>"يناير", "Feb"=>"فبراير","Mar"=>"مارس", "Apr"=>"ابريل", "May"=>"مايو", 
"Jun"=>"يونيو", "Jul"=>"يوليو", "Aug"=>"اغسطس", "Sep"=>"سبتمبر", "Oct"=>"اكتوبر", 
"Nov"=>"نوفمبر", "Dec"=>"ديسمبر"); 
$format=str_replace('l', $arDay[$dayname], $format); 
$format=str_replace('F', $arMonth[$monthname], $format); 
$format=str_replace('a', substr($ampm[$am],0,1), $format); 
$format=str_replace('A', $ampm[$am], $format); 
$date = date($format, $timestamp); 
if ($use_span) return '<span dir="rtl" lang="ar-sa">'.$date.'</span>'; 
else return $date; 

function ard_int($float) { 
      return ($float < -0.0000001) ? ceil($float-0.0000001) : floor($float+0.0000001);  

Any ideas how and where I should insert any of these code in the date module?

Thank you


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Component: iCal API » Date API

I think a generalized pluggable "use your own calendar" as .inc would be a really good addition. This can be via a function like date_calendar_list() in settings, and checkboxes to enable the various calendars.

In case of Hijri, conversion as per the above code is provided, but it will not be accepted as, because of:
a) code style in not Drupal.
b) It is not pluggable.

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Title: Is it possible to add this code to Date module (date converter)? » Add support for pluggable calendars in Date API

I am changing the title of this issue to make it more general. The Hijri calendar is just an instance of a calendar.

If we make calendars pluggable, then anyone can write their own.

The easiest instance is how to convert a given date from Gregorian to another calendar, which is what the above code provides.

An example of how to provide an API, is here, where you have a directory and in it, several .inc. An interface to select calendars from, and functions to convert between them.

So, this is more of a call for action for everyone, so we can have multiple calendars.

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This is a big project that needs to be thought through. I started a wiki page in g.d.o. at http://groups.drupal.org/node/10607. Please add to that page anything that might be useful.

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In the meantime, I've just used your code on a page to show Islamic date alongside Gregorian and it returned a day early - is that some kind of leap year effect?

Anyway, I thought this might also be useful for anyone wanting to use this with the month name instead of the number:
Just before the end of the chrToIsl function insert the following and change the return line

                    //and get the month names in there
                    $months = array("Muharram", "Safar", "Rabia Awal", "Rabia Thani", "Jumaada Awal", "Jumaada Thani", "Rajab", "Sha'ban", "Ramadan", "Shawwal", "Dhul-Qi'dah", "Dhul-Hijjah");
			$M = $months[$m-1];

return array($d,$M,$y);


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Version: 5.x-2.x-dev » 6.x-2.x-dev

Moving D5 feature requests that aren't going to get into the initial official 5.2 release to be D6 feature requests that could potentially be backported to D5.2.

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Does anyone know of a core issue filed to handle non-Gregorian dates and calendars?

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I actually did, but I was wondering if this could be handled in core. You see, IMHO it still misses a lot of things in order to be considered feature-complete (only a few calendars supported being its major drawback). Also there's like only ~100 people using it and it's been around roughly for about a year, but it does seem that it is the only decent choice. I'm not saying that it doesn't look promising or anything, but if it was in core I guess it would get more attention and get developed a bit faster.

I guess first things first ...date should get in core first ;)

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Hi everyone,

Is there any other ways found since this thread last request?

Till now, The only way to show date is to override Views Field with PHP code or use a client-side Java Script.
Calendar System Module requires core hacking to make a custom function call (calling locale date instead of default date); That is not a professional method.

I think changing this module is not that hard. Therefore, we must change the date_locale to have our formats and the the date_api somehow to have our rule of calendar.

Any comments?