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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Birth and Growth 诞生与发展

In 2009, Wilson Wu, a former senior engineer of Yonyou (a publicly traded Chinese software company) and Michael Liu, a web applications enthusiast, fell in love with an Open Source project they were working on. They decided to bring the thousands of extensions of their beloved open source platforms to Chinese clients, and OSforce was born.

OSforce is short for Force of Open Source. We have been focusing on enterprise level customization of open CMS and E-Commerce from the very beginning, and our mission is to power your business innovation through the Force of Open Source!

The continual innovation of the global open source community has freed our resources from redundant fundamental framework construction and enabled us to focus our efforts onto Chinese applications, solving China-specific issues for both domestic and international clients, which effectively solved the problem of deficiency of extensions for the Chinese market. Unrelenting, like bees collecting nectar, OSforce has been incorporating the best business practices and tools from the open source world, and has made the sweetest honey of China.

Through open source companies and our own developing work, many influential clients partnered up with us: fortune 500 companies like Michelin tires, as well as Government agencies, like Shanghai statistics, and well known media, such as iTV Asia. We also signed on famous local fashion brands like Helen Lee and Urban tribe, ande-commerce startups like EZgift and Youli, and many other organization and companies. Clients'affirmation is the biggest encourage for us, and we are confident and excited about our future, for our work is new every day, full of hopes and changes. We firmly believe we are working together with client to change the world.


OSforce是Force of Open Source的简称,即开源的力量。自成立伊始,我们始终专注于开源CMS与电商的企业级定制服务,我们的使命就是让开源的力量成为您商业创新的动力!

依托全球开源社区的持续创新犹如站巨人的肩膀之上,让我们从无谓的基础框架的重建中解放出来,而有精力集中于开源框架的中国应用,解决中国问题,包括国际客户的中国问题,从而有效的补充了开源框架中国本地化不足的难题。几年时间过去了,OSforce如辛勤的蜜蜂,将开源世界的商业成果汇聚融通,酿成了甜美的中国之蜜。通过开源框架与我们的原创开发,我们的商业解决方案击败了很多传统的垄断软件,让我们与很多有影响力的客户走在了一起:有世界五百强的跨国公司,如米其林轮胎;有政府组织,如上海市统计局;有知名的媒体,如亚洲商业电视;有上海本土的设计师品牌,如城市山民和Helen Lee;有全新的电商创业企业如易赠网、有利网;以及其他数以百计的组织、中小企业与大型集团。客户的肯定是对我们最大的鼓励,展望未来,我们充满信心和激情,因为我们的工作每天都是新的,充满了希望和变化,我们相信我们正在和客户一起改变世界。

Why choose us ? 为什么选择OSforce?

Our team can speak both Chinese and English, which not only enables us serve international clients directly, but also gives us the chance to connectsimilar teams around the world. A global view, global experience, and global resources are our strengths.

Solve Chinese problems
To overcome the networks isolation and deficiency of extensions of the Chinese market, OSforce has been focusing our development work on the connection between popular CMS/shopping carts and local Chinese platforms of many kinds, such as e-commerce, community, payment, logistics, and social ones. Those extensions are not only a remedy for the Chinese open source community, but also give OSforce the power to provide clients with functional Chinese websites at the most affordable price and in a very short time.

We understand that a good business solution does not leave room for error, and that it should be completed within a certain period of time. That's why quality and speed are core values here at OSForce.

Peace of mind
You do not have to worry about any hidden fees or malicious charges. We will let you know our hourly or daily rate in advance, and we will not proceed until our new quotation has been approved by you. You do not have worry about how to use your software or website as we provide life time training for all our projects. We will continue to update and fix the bugs for our clients'websites.

Senior Team
OSforceis a small boutique team. We believe in integrity, patience, constant improvement and service. The majority of our developing team used to work in top tier software companies, and have tremendous experience developing and managing projects. We are therefore confident we can be part of your open source business innovation.

More than just developers
Our founders are not only developers, but also entrepreneurs with rich management experience. Our passion not just limited to UI and coding, we are more than happy to help you innovate your business! We are always available to share our insights on business strategy or market trends.







What we do 我们做什么?

Requirement Analysis
We select most suitable open source frameworks and core extensions for clients, and give a full range of requirement analysis.

UI Design
Following client’s VI and other requirements, we design website and mobile apps UI and templates.

Based on open source CMS or e-commerce system, we provide professional customization services. Our main skills are PHP, JS, OC, HTML5 etc.

We will do test your project over and over again to make sure your site or app fully functional according to the requirement.

We guarantee lifetime free training as long as that project done with us.

We guarantee lifetime free bug fixing as long as the functionality developed by us.

Through our partners, we can host your app on cloud server, virtual hosting, VPS in China, Hong Kong and US.

We provide different kinds of security services such as firewall, trojans scanning, and backing up crons.









Drupal contributions

OSforce denoted to advance Dupal 8 release in the team name of Drupal China.

We host Drupal Shanghai meet up in our office.

One of sponsors of Drupal China.