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Here’s just some of the comments we’ve received from themers who have used Zen as their base theme.

Since discovering Zen back in Drupal 6, I've never touched anything else for theming, Zen Rocks!
- Catchlight Design

This theme saved me at 2am. Three hours of messing with 1000+ lines of nasty Garland-adapted code later, I abandoned it and recoded the site as a Zen sub-theme in under an hour. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Greg

If you are a designer and haven't used Zen yet - do yourself a favor and learn it.
- setfree

It has been a while since I have looked at the Zen theme [Zen 5.x-0.6] and have always crafted my own from an early rework of Garland. I listened [about Zen] on the Lullabot podcast and decided to take a look at Zen again. Wow, what an improvement. I am actively reworking my current project as a Zen subtheme and it is working great.
- Derrick

Just wanted to give you some props for making my life vastly easier than it would have been without Zen.
Cheers, Corin

OMG so true! Last night, and well into this morning I'd been sub-theming Garland an re-reading the book that I have... when I remembered the exercise with the tao sub-theme for Zen. It's a new day. Hallelujah! Zen is everything I need to get this project done!
- krivers

I use Zen Theme as base-theme for developing my all drupal websites. It's easier to start with Zen. So easy to create sub-theme, not need to spend much time. And I like feature: classes on body. It makes my work more easier. Thank you!
- cheers, bigblue.

You can view some nice design examples in the Theme Garden of the Zen Task Force.

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