As per a conversation with Crell in irc:

Apparently during his work on database abstraction he's running into issues where exceptions are being thrown by his tests and the data is being lost, rather than captured and printed in the simpletest reporting. I think this has some crossover with

I think we should be breaking up tests by method, and executing each method within a try block, in the event an exception is thrown we should be printing $e->getMessage(), $e->getLine(), and $e->getFile() into the reporting.

If I can get a couple +1's on this i'll put it together. Opinions?


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It should go without saying, but +1 from me. :-)

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I'm +1 for this and the other issue. Since no one seems to want to comment on the other I may just commit it.

If anyone has any comments on please post them.

My only question is will this show any backtrace or allow for that possibility. I have written a nice error handler for my previous PHP project that had a JavaScript drop-down to show backtrace and such. It was all configurable with a set of constants.

For instance it would show the actual lines of code related to the issue like many debuggers do. Some of this is related more to debugging and is out of the scope of this, but just curious how far you want to take this.

Probably just displaying the message, line, and file is sufficient as you stated.

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I think for now just a decent debug dump would be a huge improvement. We can think about fancy javascripty stuff later if we want. The critical things to know are: What type of exception (the class type), the file, the line, the message, and *which* test actually caused it. Probably in that order, I suppose. For unit tests, the backtrace is probably not as useful. And if I do need it, then from that information I can easily throw my own try-catch into the appropriate test. Right now, I can't even tell which test is throwing an exception other than commenting them out one by one.

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The Krumo library (already integrated by devel for dsm() and devel_themer) provides nice and spiffy JS.

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Project: SimpleTest » Drupal core
Version: » 7.x-dev
Component: Code » simpletest.module


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Priority: Normal » Critical

cos of DB TNG its critical.

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I managed to kinda sorta not really work around this for DBTNG, but this really, REALLY needs to get fixed. Then I can remove all of my exception handling code from the DB unit tests. :-)

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Status: Active » Fixed

This is already in.

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For reference, this was fixed in #305077: Rework simpletest backend.

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@Crell: Also, I think your exception handling was removed too, as a result of the above patch. Might want to double-check that and file follow-up patches if not.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.