I'm currently using Fast 404 module with fast_404_path_check() in settings.php.

When checking for valid paths, it queries the menu_router table and expects wildcards in the path column in order to match against requests. Since Admin Menu only declares the path 'js/admin_menu/cache' but always requests with a hash (e.g. js/admin_menu/cache/e20ece5231d9f885cfcdcd5aec4e621a), fast_404 thinks the path does not exist.

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I've addressed this by just adding a wildcard to the end of the path declaration, but I'm unclear if this will not work properly with js.module

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Patch #1 works! Thank you.

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@Hakintosh marking it fixed when there is a patch means that you've committed the patch. I don't think you have commit privileges to this project? And don't see the automatic commit message on this issue.

Have a read through how to change status here: https://www.drupal.org/node/156119

+++ b/admin_menu.module
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ function admin_menu_theme() {
-  $items['js/admin_menu/cache'] = array(
+  $items['js/admin_menu/cache/%'] = array(

@gapple, not familiar with the routing internals but does /% also include the base path without the slash?

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I reroll the patch

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The last submitted patch, 5: admin_menu-2419055-5.patch, failed testing.

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@Saphyel the fail from test bot is because the patch isn't relative to the project folder.
Try adding --relative flag in git.

@gapple I tested my question in #4 and it didn't allow the non-slash too. Should we add that too?

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#7 thanks for the tip, unfortunately I tried the patch on my other laptop and it didn't work :(

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@joelpittet My understanding is that the hash value is always provided, so the non-slash path would be uneccessary

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I ran in to the same issue and the patch in #1 fixed this for me.

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Just ran into this and #1 fixed it.

Someone should include this into the project if it is a proper fix.

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Hi guys,

I encountered the same issue with:

  • drupal-7.56
  • admin_menu-7.x-3.0-rc5+3-dev (dev version)
  • fast_404-7.x-1.5+3-dev (dev version)

Tried the patch from #1 and it helped fixing my problem, as described in the issue summary.
I concur with #10 and #11, the patch fixed my issue.

This ticket should be in "Needs review", so here's a reroll of the patch against admin_menu-7.x-3.x at 67abd3a:
File attached as: admin_menu-js-cache-break-menu-fast_404-2419055-12.patch

After applying the patch, make sure you flush the cache, and the menu should should display again.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing, contributing the patch, testing and giving your feedback.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

Marking RTBC, since there's now been a few confirmations of the change working and the latest patch is not substantially different than the first.