I'm currently using Fast 404 module with fast_404_path_check() in settings.php.

When checking for valid paths, it queries the menu_router table and expects wildcards in the path column in order to match against requests. Since Admin Menu only declares the path 'js/admin_menu/cache' but always requests with a hash (e.g. js/admin_menu/cache/e20ece5231d9f885cfcdcd5aec4e621a), fast_404 thinks the path does not exist.



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I've addressed this by just adding a wildcard to the end of the path declaration, but I'm unclear if this will not work properly with js.module

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Patch #1 works! Thank you.

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@Hakintosh marking it fixed when there is a patch means that you've committed the patch. I don't think you have commit privileges to this project? And don't see the automatic commit message on this issue.

Have a read through how to change status here: https://www.drupal.org/node/156119

+++ b/admin_menu.module
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ function admin_menu_theme() {
-  $items['js/admin_menu/cache'] = array(
+  $items['js/admin_menu/cache/%'] = array(

@gapple, not familiar with the routing internals but does /% also include the base path without the slash?

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I reroll the patch

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The last submitted patch, 5: admin_menu-2419055-5.patch, failed testing.

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@Saphyel the fail from test bot is because the patch isn't relative to the project folder.
Try adding --relative flag in git.

@gapple I tested my question in #4 and it didn't allow the non-slash too. Should we add that too?

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#7 thanks for the tip, unfortunately I tried the patch on my other laptop and it didn't work :(

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@joelpittet My understanding is that the hash value is always provided, so the non-slash path would be uneccessary

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I ran in to the same issue and the patch in #1 fixed this for me.