Backdrop CMS launched on January 15th 2015. We've been using BUEditor on the API site which, ironically, is currently built on Drupal. Well we now plan to convert the API site to Backdrop, so I've started a port of BUE, based on the 7.x-1.8 release.
This is a courtesy call to let you know about this and to offer the opportunity for you to join/take over as maintainer/co-maintainer if you wish.
I will be pushing my progress so far to my GitHub acct soon in case youre interested.
Thanks for a great module, looking forward to your response.


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Working on D8 version right now. I'll definitely consider joining backdrop community soon.

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Thanks. Now up at https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/bueditor. "Looking for maintainers" ;)

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Just wanted to give an update on the Backdrop port. I've created a 2.x branch because I fully converted it to CMI config files so the editor and button config doesn't need to rely on the tables. But I also felt that BUEditor could really use some new icons and should incorporate Markdown as an editor as part of 2.x in Backdrop.

I figure this is new territory since the Backdrop port carries the same name but it's effectively a fork. Granted it hasn't drifted too far from the original at this point.