I'm going to set up a site that allows people to submit their drupal sites for awards in various categories, and am looking for people's ideas of modules to use in order to get user submitted votes for a shortlist, the possibilty of a drupal module to allow people to vote for the site from their own, judges, general help with all the above and more. Possibly the option to vote for favourite themes/modules, etc (I know there are sites that do similar things for these last two, so maybe not?)

My ultimate desire for this site is to help other people get publicity for their site, show what drupal can do, and ultimately be a show case of why drupal is chosen by so many great sites - I love stumbing upon a site that has drupal backend.

Anybody have any suggestions for routes to take this? I've been using drupal for about a year, and don;t know of anything like this, I doubt there'd be any money in it, so no money is available, but my time is limited and I really want to do something that would help benefit drupal after all the help that I've received here.

I look forward to hearing people's thoughts...