Last updated February 19, 2008. Created on May 30, 2005.
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  • The functions url() and l() take a new $fragment parameter. Calls to url() or l() that have '#' in the $url parameter need to be updated. If you don't update such calls, Drupal's path aliasing won't work for URLs with # in them.
  • Drupal now emits relative URLS instead of absolute URLs. Contributed modules must be updated whenere an absolute url is required. For example:
    • Any module that outputs an RSS feed without using node_feed() should be updated. Note: this is discouraged. please use node_feed() instead. Also modules using node_feed() should provide an absolute link in the 'link' key, if any.
    • Any module which send email should be updated so that links in the email have absolute urls instead of relative urls. You do this using a parameter in your call to l() or url()
  • Modules that use theme('error', ...) to print error messages should be updated to use drupal_set_message(..., 'error') unless used to print an error message below a form item.
    drupal_set_message(t('failed to update X', 'error'));  // set the second parameter to 'error'
  • Modules that print status messages directly to the screen using status() should be updated to use drupal_set_message(). The status() function has been removed.
    drupal_set_message(t('updated X'));

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