Could we add that to our httpd.conf? It can't be set in .htaccess. This will automatically gzip css and js files. This is part of Yslow optimization effort for Thanks.


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Assigning this to me. I don't see any real issues with this, but I'll need to check how it interacts with squid.

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Ya, I'm fine with this. Will you be around tomorrow? I can put this in place, but when I do I'd like to be sure someone who has experience with the gdo codebase is around to track down any unforeseen issues that might crop up. (I'm not expecting any)

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This is added now.

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For the record, I found that I had to use application/x-javascript instead of application/javascript to actually get javascript files on my server to be served compressed. This is apache 2.2 on Ubuntu.

However, it looks like js on is being gzipped right now, so maybe this is a slight configuration difference.

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It depends what mimetype your apache is configured to use for .js files. application/javascript is "correct" (rfc 4329) but a lot of sites are still using application/x-javascript.

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We had to ad application/x-javascript for as well.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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