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On this page: Introduction, Installation, and Usage.


Bulk Photo Nodes is a module that allows users to upload or import many images at once, and have many individual nodes created, one for each image. Where this module significantly differs from other modules like Bulk Media Upload is that when uploading/importing the images, the user is given the opportunity to edit all of the fields for each individual node, and in a single form.

Another form to the right acts as a bulk settings form where each field that has a value is applied to each node's corresponding field, excpept where the user has overridden the bulk settings form by specifying a value in the field of an individual node.

The module is pluggable, leaving open the possibility to integrate the module with various third-party services.

Current maintainer: Ryan Kois (kid_icarus).


First, download the module to your site's modules directory. Next, enable the module, and configure its permissions at admin/people/permissions. Bulk Photo Nodes provides a 'Create bulk photo nodes' permission. Grant it to whoever you want to be able to create bulk photo nodes.

Next, edit a content type at admin/structure/types/manage/YOUR_CONTENT_TYPE. You'll now see a 'Bulk Photo Node Settings' vertical tab at the bottom near 'Publishing options'. Once in the tab, select an image field that you would like to use to establish the 'one image per node' relationship that the module asserts.

Enable the various submodules you'd like to use to upload/import your images (Flickr, Plupload, etc.).


Now if you go to the node add page for that content type, you should see the various forms that the submodules provide. In order to use the regular node add form, append an ?override=1 to the URL.

Next, upload/import your photos, edit their fields as necessary and start saving bulk photo nodes!

Below are more details of the various submodules.

Local Upload

The Upload submodule allows users to upload multiple files from their local computers.

Screenshot of the file upload form.


The Flickr submodule connects to a user's Flickr account and downloads images from there.

Screenshot of the file upload form.42.03 KB

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.