Follow-up to #2224581: Delete forum data on uninstall


#2224581: Delete forum data on uninstall added a generic way to remove/cleanup configurations on module uninstall. Book module provides note type and need to add cleanup as per forum one.

Proposed resolution

use the API introduced by #2224581: Delete forum data on uninstall.

Remaining tasks


User interface changes


API changes



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What I don't fully understand yet is why forum and now book are special. Isn't this the same for all node types, for example?

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of course it is. But we don't have option to remove them as generic - because we want to do action when the module that provides the details get different state?

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Duplicate of #1002164: The Book module can be uninstalled with nodes with a book node type still existing.

@Berdir it's probably true of all node types that are shipped with modules.

Node types shipped with profiles are somewhat exempt because profiles can't be uninstalled.