When installing Drupal and selecting "Danish" I would expect that dates are displayed in danish format on the installed system. However eg. the long-date is "Monday, October 6, 2014 - 17:44" when i expect it to be something like "Mandag d. 6. oktober, 2014 - kl. 17.44"

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I don't we have the translations yet at this point, but I could be very wrong

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This is after the site is installed and I log in. Then i suppose the date-format should be localized.

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Well, it would have that localized IF has it localized. Looking for date formats, shows that the long date format for example is not yet even available for translation, let alone translated. I believe this is awaiting deployment of #2309105: Support for Drupal 8 shipped configuration translatables without external schema dependency on Not a core bug.