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ERPAL is split into two main distributions, one for end users and one for developers that want to use Drupal based business applications.

ERPAL for Service Providers #

ERPAL for Service Providers is a Drupal distribution made for end users. It provides most common ERP, CRM and Project management features out of the box to automate processes, reduce administration and provide a collaboration platform for project teams. By integrating all applications in one platform, ERPAL is capable of giving detailed business analytics and reports for service providers including project profit, expenses and revenue.

ERPAL Platform #

ERPAL Platform is a Drupal distribution made for developers and site builders that want to build their own flexible business applications using Drupal. ERPAL Platform provides the main CRM workflow features from a first contact over the sales process up to quotes, orders and invoices. It can be extended and customized with the built-in modules like rules, views and entities. ERPAL Platform is built on Drupal commerce and CRM Core to inherit these module's flexibility for a business application use case.

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