I'll preface this by saying that the reason I picked up Bio in the first place was the fact that it was a 120-line, simple and elegant solution. I'd hate for it to get too complex.

THAT SAID, the other reason I picked up Bio is that I'd like a lightweight CRM leveraging content types, node references, and Views. The short list of Bio's limitations to this end include: 1) field-level privacy, and 2) Non-user contacts.

Field level privacy is someone else's problem, but what about non-user contacts? I would like to propose a model where Bio nodes that are owned by uid 0 ( or perhaps some other predefined user ) can have multiple entries, and can possibly be matched against new users based on some criteria.



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This should probably be an optional checkmark (i.e. "Enable non-user bio nodes"), but yeah, I like this.

Another use case is an "Author" that doesn't have a user account

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Does this report cover attaching a node to a user when the node was created before the user?