Installation fails at requirements check stage, with the table below. Note
1) Error message contains HTML tags
2) The list of items was blank at first I think, subsequently shows fileinfo (I had to fix file permissions)
3) I have installed all the PHP items in my OpenSuse 13.1 & still won't fix issue - includes fileinfo, mysql, several xml and json extensions.

This is a regression because I could install alpha12

Minor point: The Status column (below) is not shown on screen, it is replaced by nice green and red colours. There were carriage returns after the word OK when I copied and pasted here, which I have removed. Issue status "Mildly irritating"

OpenSuse 13.1
Apache2 2.4.10
PHP 5.4.20
Drupal 8.0.0.alpha14
Drupal Path http://testserver/d8t1/core/


Requirements problem
Status Component Details
OK Web server Apache/2.4.10 (Linux/SUSE)
OK PHP 5.4.20
Error PHP extensions Disabled
Drupal requires you to enable the PHP extensions in the following list (see the system requirements page for more information):

  • fileinfo

OK Database support Enabled
OK PHP memory limit 128M
OK File system Writable (public download method)
OK Unicode library PHP Mbstring Extension
OK Settings file The ./sites/default/settings.php file exists.
OK Settings file The settings file is writable.

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This may have been a quirk, since I could not reproduce exactly. I had several WSOD trying to refine the issue, and installing php5-ctype fixed that. I have documented that on the PHP requirements page.

HTML codes in message is still an issue, and WSOD with no explanation is even more unhelpful.

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Version: 8.0.0-alpha14 » 8.0.x-dev
Issue tags: +Twig, +SafeMarkup
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Still valid.

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Solution for "PHP extensions Disabled" GD at

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

If I'm not mistaken this is already fixed and now a duplicate of #2346287: Installer requirements errors escaped HTML in variables., if not please reopen. Thanks!