Hi, I am new using drupal, I was building a website only with html and some php, but
now Im using drupal, my question is how can I create the links and If can I import
my html files or I have to do all the work again.. thanks


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Hi Big bang...

welcome to drupal big bang...As a tip the community is generally superb at helping out others with queries..but, it is worth doing a quick search or checking the handbook before asking a question..

to answer your question it's very simple to migrate across an old html based site using drupal.

(recommend you enable the PATH module under ADMINISTER -->> MODULES which makes it easier when creating links to pages on Drupal sites)

  1. go to CREATE CONTENT -->> PAGE and paste your HTML into the area provided
  2. If you have the PATH module enabled, give the page a simple and easy to remember name in the text area provided
  3. Select the FULL HTML filter option and submit


- You may find it easier just to paste certain parts of your old HTML pages into drupal.

- I found it easier when starting off to paste in the content without any html formatting codes so I had total control with the style sheets and themes.

- Adding links to your pages is simple by changing your PRIMARY/SECONDARY links under ADMINISTER -->> THEMES -->> CONFIGURE and the MENU module is very useful when adding in new links to your site sidebar.

For migrating a large amount of pages across from an old site, you'll have to dig around the handbook or do a search for importing/migrating content.

if you are migrating from another CMS, you should check out the special section in the handbook which deals specifically with migrating to drupal.

Hope that helps....


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Thanks a lot fot the help, as you said, I will look the handbook...
I been using drupal so far and I like it. one more time thanks.