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I am using Availability Calender module in Drupal7.For this I have an content type"Consulatant"with some field like Title,consultant fee,availability time,place,Availability Calendar Booking formlet etc.And I have created a form using webform"Booking" With some fields like name,address,age,area,booking date,associate consulatant and consultant fee.Now I want to set associate consulatant default value=(Consulatant content type's)Title
I am able to do it via set default value in the form filed like
associate consulatant default value setting=%post[entity_lable]

But I am not able to set the default value of consultant fee=Consulatant content type's) consultant fee value

How can I achive this,please provide me help as you can.

Thanks in advance


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I am not completely sure if this will work, but you can try achieving this with tokens. Use the token to store the default value that you wish to use:


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