Hello -

I'm so stuck and need some help with this one. I have topnav bar and I'm adding a new tab with to eventually add sub menus?

The issue I'm having is finding the area in the style.css file where I can adjust and move the text down to make it even with the others.

I was going to try and add quick tabs but cannot get that to work either. Any help or tools would be appreciated.

I have always had an issue with posting an image I have here a link to the screenshot. http://i61.tinypic.com/2hmhdfs.png

Thank you,


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Not knowing the theme you're using it's difficult to suggest where to look in the CSS, and that image is a bit small for my eyes :-)

Have you tried padding the containing li.menu-path-nolink ( I thinks that's what it says? ) rather than the A itself?