So, I've been looking at this site for weeks and not able to figure this out. It started out by a bulk upgrade. Unlike the LAMP stacks I'm used to, I'm only allowed FTP and Web access to this system, so I don't have my usual backups in place (just the DB with backup_migrate). I believe that Views may have been updated (due to security patch) to 3 from 2, but I'm not positive there. I know that multiple issues happened after that bulk patching job and they may all point to one source. Here's hoping this behavior sounds familiar to someone:

When editing any view, the dropdown shows up as individual links instead of a button:

  • edit view name/description
  • analyze view
  • clone view
  • export view
  • reorder displays
  • delete view

'Block' and 'Page' and all of the 'Add ....' show up in buttons, but the dropdown shows as different links. Other things are wonky like not seeing an auto preview (basic filtered content view) and, when clicking on 'Update Preview', the preview shows up, but the editor disappears.

I've exported the DB and all of the code, brought it from the windows box to my home LAMP system and I get the SAME BEHAVIOR, so it's not an environment-specific thing. I've cleared caches, removed views slideshows (which weren't working), checked permissions, and made sure that I'm at the latest code for everything (as of today).

I've run out of things to try except to ask for help. Anyone have any ideas? TIA!


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The views javascript is not loading correctly, not loading at all, or you are getting a cached version of it that is old or messed up, or something like that.

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This sounds logical, but I'm not sure what I can do about it. I've taken the js directory from my working site's Views 3.8 module and replaced it. Then, I've replaced the entire views directory with the working site's. I've deleted everything in the sites/default/files/js directory. Every time I update anything, I'm running 'drush cc all'. I've even changed back-end servers and front-end browsers.

With Sam Moore's post, I installed jquery_update, but that didn't make a difference either. I'm going to read through the whole post to see if there is anything I missed there, but if you have any other ideas on what I could do, I appreciate the help!

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If you do a clean default site install to a new local site, and just use the Bartik theme, do views in that site show the same issue?

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Yes. I did a clean install earlier today and had the same issue with Views 3.8 (and ctools) being the only module loaded after install. No themes or anything else. Brand new DB.

I'm working on an old version of Ubuntu, so my next step is to update my server (PHP is at 5.3.5, MySQL is 5.1.63 and Ubuntu is 11.04). Haven't spun this one up in a while... :)

I do, however, find it odd that the Windows hosted server I'm using has the same issue as my little Linux box. Even after a clean install.

I planned on opening a bug report after verifying a clean install with updated OS/PHP/MySQL/Apache unless anyone has any better ideas.


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Just wanted to say "Thank you" for everyone's advice. I finally nuked everything and started over, which seems to be working fine.

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How about your jQuery version? there are some issues...

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Thanks for the link! I've scrolled through, skimming over, and still haven't found the solution. I've tried many ideas from that page including:

  • Installing jQuery Update
    • Including changing the jQuery version from 1.10 to 1.8 and 1.5
  • Replacing ctools
  • Removing Better Exposed Filters
  • Removing a variety of other modules (just to clean things up)
  • Clearing cache and removing the files/js directory throughout

Still no luck. I'm going to go through you link a bit more thoroughly as well as install everything anew on my local LAMP box and then import the DB to determine if it's code vs. DB.

Thanks again for the suggestions! I'll post again if I find a solution.

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Do you see errors in the javascript console?

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Sorry, I'm not familiar with the JS console and wouldn't be sure what to look for there.

Ran into issues installing an updated version of OS on my system and hope to have some time today to do it.

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Sorry, I'm not familiar with the JS console

It's a javascript console.

wouldn't be sure what to look for there.

Any errors.