Hi All,

Ok so I have a senario... I have created 2 content types:


The review content type has an entity reference field which links to the cars content type. Im using the entity prepopulate module also and provided the add review link on the cars nodes however I only want users to be able to create one review per car. So I want them to be able to multiple reviews but only one for BMW, one for Honda etc.

Is there anything in using the rules module for this? has anyone else had to do something similar?


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I looked into this a while back , and afaik, there's no module. I was planning to do it via a custom validation handler using EFQ in a custom module, but the requirement was eliminated so I never got around to it.

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I think you have to go through the node limit module. This module provide such features like

  • Per-role node limits
  • Per-user node limits
  • Per-time interval node limits
  • Any combination of the above
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I think reference_option_limit module can also helpful to you.

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i checked out all three of those modules when I was investigating this functionality-- none of them do what the user is describing in the OP (limit the number of entity references a user can create per entity).

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Also looking for something like this.

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