i am new to OA 1.X (I know 2 is out there, but it had not the functionality i wanted) and have some questions. Is it possible to assign each user (not a group!) personal features (like calendar, notebook, work tracker) where this specific user is only able to see the content which is important for him and not the content of the whole group?

For example if a manager assigns work in the worktracker for a user the user should only be able to see the tasks assigned to him (and also in his calendar). Or using the additional folders_feature the user should only be able to see his own files he uploaded. And the user should have access to his own notebook somehow.

I am able to use all features a group can for an ordinary user by setting spaces[types][] = "all" in all "*.info" files. I know this must be somehow possible, since every user can have his own dashboard in "user/%uid/dashboard". Maybe its possible to do the same for the oher features, i.e a calendar in "user/%uid/calendar"?

Thanks for help in advance


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I just create a new group with only two users - the user and myself.

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