Hi everybody,

I'm building a shop that sells magazines. Each magazine will be available as a downloadable PDF (with commerce file) and as a printed version that will be shipped.

I started off by using the same product type for both the PDF and the printed version, with an attribute selection field to distinguish them.

This seemed to work quite well at first, but more and more problems pop up by time. As my product type needs to be commerce-license-enabled I lost the possibility to change the amount of a product, even when it's a physical product. It's also more difficult to make different discount rules depending on if it's a digital or a physical product.

Long story short: I think I should change my structure to having two separate product types: digital product and physical product.

The only issue I have when I now create product relations (from within a Product display node) to products of different kinds is how the selection form for the different products is being built.

It seems Attribute Fields for product variations only work on products of the same product type, or am I doing something wrong?

I'll attach two screenshots. The first one showing how I would like the selection to look like (and how it did look like when I used only one product type. The second one shows the select field as it appears when referencing products of different types.

Any chance to re-design this to look like #1?

Thanks for any help,

screenshot 2.png12.59 KBDaniel Wentsch
screenshot 1.png11.8 KBDaniel Wentsch