hey guys help me out here , i am creating a book on my site and the book module comes with drupal 7 is perfect for this job , but the thing is that the nevigation menu of book module is on the bottum of the page and i want that on the top also as well as in a box also so that they will look like a button , i have java background and totally dumb in php coading , but still manage to edit code some how , this prob is dragging me behind otherwise i would have completed this project a long ago , plz help.


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per: https://www.drupal.org/node/644164 please edit the opening post and move it to the 'post installation' forum. Thanks.

you can investigate the display suite module to change the display or use a custom tpl.php file in your theme. To make the links look like buttons you style them with CSS.

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could you please explane this in simple terms , as i said that i am dumb in php.

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display suite module = https://www.drupal.org/project/ds

custom tpl.php for your theme = use the themeing documentation and any one of the hundreds of already existing tutorials found with google.

style buttons with CSS = without a link to the site its impossible for me to aid with step by step

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i know man you will think me as one of most dumb person, but i have tried everything i could , i know the css coading for the box but dont know were to put it, and as you are asking about website , its still on my laptop right now i havent hosted it yet my theme is https://www.drupal.org/project/corporate and i am using core drupal 7 book module for my book pages , i need to put book previous next navigation link which is by default in the bottem of content in a box so that it will be clearly visible and as well as on the top of the content also , thats it ,
thanks in advanced.

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I don't think you are dumb. I think you need to spend more time with the documentation.

custom css goes into a custom.css file within your subtheme.

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look man i tried to study each and every css i could but still cant find any css file responsible for book navigation menu , i am just a begineer in java not a pro and have absolutely no knowledge of php at all , it would be highly appricatiable buudy if u just have a look in the code by urself.

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@shrikant.sharma the suggestion to use the Display Suite module:


is a good one.

With the display suite module, you can easily customize the location of the book navigation field locations.

You can also learn CSS from web sites like the following:


If your theme comes with a custom.css file it should be relatively straightforward to insert some CSS formatting for the book navigation fields within your site's theme.

By adding some developer addon tools to your browser firefox and/or chrome browser, you can easily spy on and debug the CSS classes that encode the display for the components of the page whose appearance you are trying to modify.

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Again, you don't need knowledge of PHP to work with CSS. I'm also not going to install a specific theme to inspect the CSS and do your work for you. That's asking a little much of anyone willing to help you.