I have an ongoing migrate_d2d migration where I will need to be able to detect changes on a node by node basis, and I would really like to be able to use the functionality in #1835822: Hash source rows to detect changes to do that. However, I can't find where to add that option so that the hashes are generated. I've tried this is my class (that overrides DrupalNode6Migration):

$this->sourceOptions['track_changes'] = TRUE;

but the option isn't added and used. According to this frequently reference post in this, I should add it in my source constructor, but that part is handled by migrate_d2d in the abstract DrupalMigration class. Do I need to go down to that level to create my class just to access this property, or is there a way I can add it from my class that overrides Drupal6NodeMigration?



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Rather than setting $this->sourceOptions directly, pass them in your argument array to your parent constructor, and DrupalMigration will merge them into $this->sourceOptions.

$arguments['source_options']['track_changes'] = TRUE;

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