I installed drupal 7.31 with jQuery Update Modul and set jQuery version to 1.10.2. I downloaded socialSharePrivacy version 1.6 files from heise and put them into the recommended directory. I set permissions for content type and user roles. The module seems to work fine, the block shows up in the front end, but no buttons appears.

socialSharePrivacy.png7.12 KBSirNight
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Have the same with newest version. Firebug is telling me that js can't find /lang/de.lang

I think they changed some stuff with 1.6

Okay first read .. then post

Looked into socialshareprivacy.module and searched for 'css_path' (round about @ line 407)
added in the line after 'cookie_expires' :

          'lang_path' : '" . base_path() . $path . "/socialshareprivacy/lang/',
          'language'  : 'de',

If you do not use german defaults i think you have to add this 'lang_path' somewhere arround line 443

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