Hi all,

I already have an existing D7 website, but want to use the Opigno LMS distribution. Opigno LMS is available as full distribution with D7 core, without D7 core and as a module without the features/ apps of the distribution: https://www.drupal.org/node/2322047

Due to the customized one-click D7 install of my Hoster/ Cloudways VPS I installed the opigno_lms-7.x-1.15-no-core on top of a fresh D7.

1. Now I have some question regarding best practice migration/ crossgrade strategy:

a) Migration of the whole existing D7 website incl. content but also issues to the server then installing Opigno LMS on top of it?

b) Fresh D7 with Opigno LMS install and migration of content and features of existing website step by step?

2. I know that I have some modules activated on my already existing and productive D7 websites which are little used and might not be necessary for the improved D7/ Opigno website. But I did not document the activated modules and their functions in detail. Thus activating all which are activated now would bloat the fresh D7/ Opigno website. Is there a way other than looking into the Modules list to recoignize heavily used or required modules?

3. Does anybody of you have a similar setup: Opigno LMS on top of D7? For better understanding and review of Opigno LMS I'd like to use the prepopulation option which the full distribution has during installation. Anybody knows which Opigno modules must be activated to have the same features and prepopulation than with the full distribution?

Any help/ advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you!



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These questions are better served in the issue queue of the project or using the support forums on their site.