I need a simple reservation module for my D7 restaurant site.

What I need in the form is:

  • Customer information fields (Name, email, contact number, address, etc)
  • Number of tables to be reserved by that customer
  • Upon submission of reservation will lead to another link (I will write codes to link to payment gateway)

Admin are able to configure:

  • Price per table (Eg: USD 100 per table)
  • Total number of tables available to reserve (Eg: 100 tables)
  • Closing date for reservation, so that customer can't reserve after the closing date

Admin able to see:

  • Report of reservation
  • Details such as customer name, number of tables reserves, etc

I had tried using webform, but I can't do the following:

  • Reservation close on particular date
  • Limit number of tables so that overall tables reserved will not exceed 100

Is there any reservation or registration module that I can use?
Or is there any method I can modify my webform to suit the requirement?

Thanks in advance.


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Could Drupal rooms be used for this?