I have attempted to add a book to my site at aFreeCountry.com. I Added a book page and selected create new book. Being the administrator, I gave myself permission to "Administer book outlines", "Create new books", "Add content and child pages to books", and "view printer-friendly version".

I am using Drupal 7.31 and the problem was the same while using 7.30. I am using the Zen based template edited with my own CSS. I have not edited any template files that I can recall.

After clicking on add content and selecting Book page I entered the title and body of the page. I then went to the book outline at the bottom of the page and selected create new book. After saving the changes, there is a link for the "Printer-friendly version", but no link for "create child page". When I click on the link to "printer-friendly version" I am sent to a blank white page.

When I go to the content management screen and click on the Books tab, The list only shows, "No books available". The settings show Book Page for both "Content types allowed for book outlines" and "contents types allowed for child pages".

When returning to edit the book page, and going to the book outline setting, the dropdown box is now gone and a message stating, "This is the top-level page in this book." has replaced it.

Any hints to resolve this is much appreciated.


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I didn't know the book module made it into 7. I'll have to play with that.

How big is this 'book' ? There may be some other ways to do this.

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The book is about 150 pages. The book modules is now included with Drupal core. I don't know that it is necessarily a book module issue, because CKeditors also does not show all of the available buttons for editing either. Now it is possible that there are two separate issues, but it might be possible that one issue is affecting multiple things. I'm going to go have a look at what files I customized in Zen and report back.

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The only template page that I have edited from the zen template is page.tpl.php. This was done for the layout of the site. I have looked for what was edited, and have not found what it might be yet. I do not think it was something the would have affected the existance of the "Create Child Page" link, especially since the link to "View Printer-friendly version" is still there.

Also, as stated in my original post, the Books tab on the content management screen shows there are no books, but the "Book Outline" tab on the "Edit" screen for the book page, no longer offers to create a new book. Obviously, the page thinks it is in a book, the the content management has not been informed of this little secret.

It has me downright flabbergasted.

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I guess I am not the only that has no clue how to fix this.

This may be something. When I right click on the "Printer-friendly version" to inspect the element with Firefox, the code looks like this.

<ul class="links inline">

    <li class="book_printer first last">
        <a title="Show a printer-friendly version of this book page and its sub-pages." href="/?q=book/export/html/68"></a>


So I gues the next question would be what generates this link? Why is the one to create a child page not being generated?????

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I added BookMadeSimple to see if it would rectify the situation, but it does not appear to have done so. As a matter of fact, it has made it worse. Where I used to have a menu item at the bottom of the "edit" page for Book Outline, that is now gone. Again, the only link at the bottom of the page is Printer-friendly version. There is no dropdown menu that includes a "create child page" link anywhere as stated there would be at https://www.drupal.org/project/book_made_simple.

I created a new book page which should hzave automatically made this the main page using the above mentioned module. I checked the permissions and settings and as administrator, I am supposed to be able to use any type of content as a book page, but I have only been using a book page as a book page and it still does not work.

Once again, when going to view Content and navigation to the books tab, there is still no "books available".

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Well, thanks for all your help. The problem seems to have repaired itself through FM. I added a second book page to the site and it had the dropdown for choosing to create a child page. So when I chcked the first book page, it also now had the child page creation selection. So problem solved.