I have an issue with the contact form and I am not sure where to look to fix the issue. Below is an example email that is emailed to me from the contact us link. It also emails the customer with an exact copy. My issue is I would like to not have the customer receive the last link "the results of this submission may be viewed" etc etc. If the customer clicks on it, it results in a page error because this link can only be viewed by admin when logged in. However I would like to send a copy of the submission to the customer with wording such as thank you for your submission, someone will be in contact soon.

I am on an older version of Drupal, (Drupal 6) I am unable to update to the latest version due to theme selected is no longer supported.

Any advise would be appreciated

Submitted on 08/21/2014 - 15:14
Submitted by user: peggy []

Submitted values are:

Library Location: ROB
Library Card Number:
First Name: peggy
Last Name: ayala
Email: peggy.ayala@rlibrary.com

test test 

The results of this submission may be viewed


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Really looking for an answer to my post above.

Thank you