I just started with drupal and my first impression was: I like! But now I get into hassles with a plain, and obviously stupid problem:
When I'm logged in as admin, I can see the search form in the block "first sidebar" of my theme.
If I log out, I can't see it anymore. I now tried to make the newsfeed visible. It does not appear at all - neither in the admin view, nor in the user/guest view.

What I've done so far:
I put the block "search" block into one area called "first sidebar" - it is left hand side of the main content area. In admin view this is what I see:
Only local images are allowed.
After I log out and visit the same node as a simple guest user (registration is switched off, so there are only those kind of visitors) this is what I see:
Only local images are allowed..

I checked the blocks. They (there are two modules and none is displayed) are really saved correctly. Look:
Only local images are allowed.
and IMHO the configuration is correct, too:
Only local images are allowed..

Do you have any idea, what I missed?
Any hint/help will be appreciated!



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Sorry but all of your uploads or images are not coming true the right way.
Anyway I try to give you heads-up.

When you publish content, you can choose or make a content type. Then you can publish this or not (it still is creeated as content but not published)
This you can see in the admin/content (this you put in the url of your browser, its just a shortcut)

Then you can choose how to show the content.
You have several powerfull ways, for example blocks or views or panels.

Then you have the menu links, you can make menu entry's for the content or content types, or blocks or views. So you can see a link in a menu that you can create as well. Or just publish it in the main menu.

This publishing and making content, content types or views is all controlled by permissions and people, user management.

All this things you can manage separate in the admin menus of drupal or within the content when you create it.
For example you can see if you make a content type news, you add fields for example, image, text, author. Then you manage the display of the fields, for ex. what order they appear in the content type.

Then you can make the content for the news content type. and choose to publish it.

But you can make a view or a block, which can appear in different places and hold different content and contenttypes in your site.

Again all this managed by permissions or roles for the users.

What I explained was very simplified and there are much better resources online or in drupal books.
Drupal has a large community with many great tutorials online. Just google or look at drupal.org
Study and you can understand better that it is a great tool.


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Check permissions to make sure anonymous user can search.