Hi I'm new to Drupal but absolutely impressed by the power it has.

I've used Modx for years and I have a Directory website where users can have a free basic listing or pay for a standard or premium. The old Modx site uses a very old Evolution version and has some broken bits and I thought it was due an update.

So I installed Drupal and used a bought theme to give me the initial functionality. Now I really need some help customising this to start to replace my old site.

I have the payments working and users can fill in their listing, choose Basic for free or Standard/Premium and pay via PayPal.

My problem lies in actually giving a different listing to the user based what he/she has paid for. For example a free listing doesn't have a weblink (or should ommit it from what the user filled in on the original listing form) and the paid one shows the weblink. The Premium buyer has the listing featured on the front page and also has a few other extras on the listing shown which are ommitted for the Standard listing...

I hope someone can help me configure this to work correctly? Any help would be really appreciated.

I've had a look in 'Product Types' on the Store menu, but my current product type is just a simple "Pay to publish" which works well but just need those extra features...

Thanks again.


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You can do this a few different ways. The easiest would be to create two different roles and assign those roles based on their purchase. Then create different content types for the different roles that contain the field applicable to each role. Add permissions that correspond to each role for each content type.