I am in a new position working on a site that has not had core or modules updated since early this year. I'm still getting familiar with the site and how it's structured and am fairly new to Drupal.

I've been working on setting up a test server and importing the site into a local test server on WAMP to test updates before updating the live server.

Problems encountered:

1. Recent site content is not there. Content seems to be a year old. Database error? Exported/imported through phpmyadmin.

- Backup and Migrate module was not added to production site. Hesitant to upload additional modules to site until it's been updated but
if exporting site through the module would fix the database problems I'd try it.

2. URLs for sites/default/files point to production server folder instead of www/drupal in WAMP.

3. Theme & css files not being read.

Any advice appreciated.



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For 2.

The first place to look is ?q=admin/config/media/file-system and make sure on the DEV system you point at the DEV files directory.

If this is not the cause, maybe the URLs were hard-coded somewhere. You will need to find out where they are and make them relative (e.g. "sites/default/files" rather than "http://my-prod-site/site/default/files") or calculated (e.g. in PHP using either url() or l().


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Thank you!

The URLs were hard coded and I fixed that.

The main problem I now have is that the date on the site seems to be reset back year.

All the files are in place for the current content, but it is not being read by the database.