As introduced in #634472: Menus cannot be themed differently, a user can use THEMENAME_menu_link__MENU_NAME() and THEMENAME_menu_tree__MENU_NAME() to override theme_menu_link() and theme_menu_tree() for specific menus. This isn't really documented anywhere on the API site but is in the handbook here

Proposed resolution

Document these abilities. I am not sure if it should be in menu_tree_output() or theme_menu_link() and theme_menu_tree() etc.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

These are just standard theme suggestions. We don't need to document them outside of the Handbook page you cited, and we are not doing that for other theme suggestions as far as I know... I guess we could add a line to the docs for theme_menu_link() to mention the suggestions, but probably this is not necessary and I am not aware of other theme hooks that do that.