I'm working on a site I didn't create myself (www.lumenprize.com), without the assistance of anyone involved in its original development, so I have no idea what's causing this issue.

When attempting to link to a node of the content type "Artwork" using either lumenprize.com/node/1111 or lumenprize.com/artwork/artwork-title I am redirected to a views page ("Artwork Overview"). Currently the only way to access the content within the Artwork nodes is by clicking edit and viewing it through http://lumenprize.com/node/1111.

This has been just about workable for our purposes so far, as the artwork has not been viewable to the public. I'm now creating a public gallery so obviously this will not work.

Can anyone shed any light on this issue? My searches have been futile so far. I've looked through /admin/structure/types and I can't see anything that sets this content type apart from basic pages or articles, which we have no problem linking to.

Thanks for your help.


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After hours of pulling my hair out over this I realised Rules was being used to re-direct whenever someone tried to view artwork for some obscure reason just as I posted this. Feel free to delete.