I have a content type, say, "Courses" which is courses my company offers. I need two representations for it:
- one for a regular case, when a user accesses it via a regular link that lays somewhere on the website. This kind of "view" we call a "regular page"
- the other representation is for when a user accesses this content node by clicking an advertising displayed by Google Adwords. In this case we call the displayed page a "landing page".

For the "regular page" it is OK to use the regular website theme design. The nodes of this content type are accessed by "/courses/[node:title]".

For the "landing page" we need another design (i.e. no navigation, no footer, no blocks and so on). I think the best way to access these pages would be "/coursers/[node:title]?land", so I've enabled the node_template panel, then added a variant and for selection rules I've added node type = courses and url path = "courses/*?land".

Unfortunately, that didn't work: in the both cases, "/courses/[node:title]" and "/courses/[node:title]?land" I get the "regular page". I also tried to set the url path selection rule to "/courses/[node:title]?land", that didn't work as well.

Could you please give me an advice on how to do my task better?