For one site I made use of sqlite, wich is working fine.

But it has some limitations and is slower then expected. I'd like to convert the sqlite database to mysql.

I tried various modules:

I also tried to convert the sqlite file with software but this also is not working.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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I add the same issue (convert from sqlite to mysql) on an owncloud installation.

The idea was to dump sqlite database to a dump file, convert this file to mysql format and then import this file.

sqlite3 owncloud.db .dump > dump.mycloud.sql
Then you need to download a python script that converts sqlite to mysql dump format

wget http://www.redmine.org/attachments/download/6239/sqlite3-to-mysql.py
chmod a+x sqlite3-to-mysql.py
cat dump.mycloud.sql | python sqlite3-to-mysql.py > owncloud.sql

Full article here (in french) : http://www.vincentliefooghe.net/node/83

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The gold standard of migration modules is:

It is so powerful it will even be used in Drupal 8 core for migrating Drupal 6 and 7 websites.

It is, though, somewhat complex. Like Drupal, power comes with complexity.