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MD5: 7fb4dfcc90d318a836d19d788ab64919
SHA-1: 7cae70b3c909dbfe1360cd8d492ea306689dd4ed
SHA-256: 070947222a31ac7bf9fa4f55c69903ef26e64adcf45828670cb13ccc8cc720a2
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SHA-256: 2484901ee6747aa58616de3a64f9220a89653038124a55d0043a0c78a1ea3dc9
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SHA-1: 909693ef176fcf64dadfd415b22a338f482173dc
SHA-256: f2d73bf33bbcc2739449a82526786b1d07615dd5b1622eb44e6a6b27d9d1c67d
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SHA-256: 65b1b31bed337b425c844b6811aa5cd7205192eb75f51b467f8332bd3dc93e58
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MD5: ca7f895a48c4e26f571d1600ceb254ec
SHA-1: 9b79f2fb186fbaf33e3c80f473632ee3d2071c52
SHA-256: ef732530f57826914e9fff5e40aa20402fa3848023912fe5eff5df0c6e02c523
Download agov-7.x-2.0-alpha1.zipzip 10.95 MB
MD5: 3cdb68c6ce8c1927527295c586f443a9
SHA-1: 2f5badfe6a8e11651840b5721c597866b07195a3
SHA-256: 1bc9993b0d9321ac630c06d63d38a1ac87cbb5ac2387c87c8aac8589383c0af3

Release info

Created by: xtfer
Created on: August 21, 2014 - 01:12
Last updated: September 9, 2014 - 09:13
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

- aGov's base theme is now based on Zen, rather than Omega. Existing Omega themes
will still work if carried over, but may have a naming conflict.
- TinyMCE has been replaced with CKEditor
- No more duplicate paths thanks to Global Redirect
- Manage site redirects and maintain content links with Redirect
- Better content cross-linking from the WYSIWYG via LinkIT
- Simple Aggregation has been added
- Upgrades between minor versions now get tested
- aGov now checks itself for updates

- Google Analytics is updated to 2.x
- Drupal core up-to-date

Changes and fixes
- URLs in link fields no long truncate at 80 chars
- The warning for example content has been changed for clarity, and is less
- The organisation of feature module directories has been simplified.