I am currently looking for Drupal 6 and I have a Calendar which is needed for my website to create events for conferences and panels. But there is an issue with the calendar; whenever the event for a conference is created it does not get posted on the date the event should take place, instead it gets posted on the day the even was created. Is there a way to fix it without custom coding?


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You can move the thread by editing the original post and choosing 'Post Installation' as the forum.

Thank you.

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note: you state in your post that you are using Drupal 6 but you've tagged the thread as Drupal 4.5.x or older. Consider taking the time to set the correctly tag on your threads.

To answer your question: the issue is the calendar view. you need to adjust the calendar view to include the event date and set the sort to the event date. Currently your sort must be set to created date or post date.

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Thank you for your help!