Seeking a workable approach where a custom content type assembles a document packages consisting of user selected HTML template, .JS code , .png images and .ogg audio and where the submitted selections generate a document assembled from the selected assets. This document must have its assets cloned and consolidated to a new sub-directory (.js expects assets in root) of the public directory and trigger publishing of this new content.

Experimentation seems to suggest this is possible and there may be a module that accomplished much. The barrier I am running into is the asset duplication and consolidation, where the traditional approach of making a custom module and from a view breaks approach since the files are only referenced. I think this may be close > < , however I cannot have my users cloning modules and copying the entire library of assets into each users folders. I only want the edited selected assets or original sample to be saved into the user folder.

Any ideas ?

System Drupal 7.31


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Hi, I am not sure if understand what exactly you want to do,
But I was playing around with several .js libraries for animation etc. I came across this modules:

So when I had an animation of a certain .js I had it add this asset, I forget, you could add assets in context with users,content etc.
It depends on the context module and Ctools:



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Yes..... that may just do it! Thanks Boban